Luxury Photo Booth

The Luxury Photo Booth has become an ever-growing part of all my weddings, parties, events and conferences. It offers guests and hosts the chance to come away with fun, instantly shareable, personal favor/souvenirs.  One of the best ways to get your reception bumping is to have Leandro Da Silva's Luxury Photo Booth at your wedding, party, event or conference for your guests to enjoy!  

The Luxury Photo Booth is equipped studio lighting, everyone can take professional quality photos and there are no limits on the amount of photos you or your guests can take. In the age of social media and instant gratification, the Luxury Photo Booth gives our guests the option to immediately facebook, tweet, text and e-mail their photo. 

Want to include a custom message or hashtag when your guest upload their photos? We can do that. :)

Not everyone loves to dance, but everybody loves photos!  

The Luxury Photo Booth gives all your family and friends something to do during your reception. It’s great to offer guests entertainment besides dancing or having people retreat to their tables for small talk. Everyone can enjoy the Luxury Photo Booth.

Fit the Entire Party!

Since everybody has a chance to jump in and take photos, the Luxury Photo Booth will help you relax and not feel as if you need to rush to each table during your reception to take pictures with all your guests.  You can easily fit a group of friends or family into images and not be confined to a small space.  So come on everyone, strike a pose!

Luxury Photo Booth prints make for a awesome wedding favors  

With a professional camera,  lighting and a range of fun backgrounds, you'll end up with photographic quality 4x6 or 2x6 prints in a range of exciting layouts. All customized for your wedding, party, event or conference.

Everyone of all ages have fun with the Luxury Photo Booth

Little ones, your friends, your parents and your grandparents will have a blast!  And you have a lasting memory of them showing off their crazy side :)

Check out the Luxury Photo Booth in action below!